Thursday, November 16, 2006

On Tape: Shelley Sings (and Continues to Embarrass Herself in DC)

Oh how embarrassing.

Someone videotaped the Singin’ Shelster singing her campaign song, set to the tune of “The Beer Barrel Polka” (Roll Out the Barrell). The audio is poor and I can’t for the life of me make out a couple of lines. I have provided only a partial transcription of the lyrics. If you have a guess at the rest, let me know.

Vote twice for Shelley,
Special and then write her in
Vote twice for Shelley,
Special and furz plug machewess
Vote twice for Shelley,
Special and then write her in
Nee buff a chew fer chewess
And we will win.

And the Sekula-Gibbster continues to embarrass herself and the Texas delegation over the DeLay staffer affair. After recovering from her 15 minute hissy fit (see Juanita for a definition) over the seven DeLay aides who left her high and dry without a code for the Xerox machine, Shelley wants to launch an investigation into shady dealings in the office.

It seems that before leaving, the staffers deleted email messages from their computers’ hard drives. Scandalous. Destruction of government property. Secrets kept.

With all due respect, Congresswoman Sekula-Gibbs, the staffers probably thought that, since they would be leaving you in the lurch, you might want to take your revenge on them in some way (you are characterized as “mean”, after all). And what better way to do that then to peruse their email looking for stuff to use against them.

By the way, Shelley, what were you doing looking at their email?


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