Monday, September 01, 2008

Chris Bell: Why I Am Running For Texas Senate - Part 1

First let me say this one more time. People who say that Chris Bell is too bland for their political tastes don’t take the time to listen, really listen, to one of his speeches. Sure he is not king of the sound bite, and if sound bites are your thing, then maybe Chris Bell is not.

What Chris Bell is, is the king of the most subtle form of humor known to man or woman. His humor is one that builds. He takes punches at himself as well. See if you agree with me by clicking on the You Tube embedded video below.

The video was shot by yours truly at the Fort Bend Democrats’ Labor Day campaign kickoff in Sugar Land only yesterday. He spoke for about 11 minutes, which is 1 minute over YouTube’s 10 minute time limit. So I found a place roughly halfway through his speech and cut it at a transition. So this is Part 1 of 2. Look for Part 2 tomorrow.

Hey, don’t blame me, this takes a lot of time.

By the way, The Houston Chronicle this morning reported that a total of 6 people were in the SD 17 special election. There was a rumor circulating that the Republicans were recruiting a “Democrat” to split the Democratic vote and force a run-off. Well that seems to have happened. Whoever this person is, isn’t a resident of Fort Bend County.

I checked.


Fred said...

I was there. I thought he was great.

Anonymous said...

I like him.