Thursday, September 18, 2008

The New Obama/Biden Yard Signs Are In!

While I was at the Fort Bend Democrats Rosenberg headquarters today a truck rolled up filled with 5000 of the new Obama/Biden signs.

To get them off the semi as quickly as possible we backed up a pickup and offloaded to the truck bed. Then drove the truck up to the headquarters entrance. I took a couple of photos of the event as we finished the making the pile

Here we are taking a break after building the pile o’ signs in the truck bed.

And here is Wanda, the Fort Bend Democrats’ secret weapon, a talented artist, modeling one of the signs next to the pile.

There’s a funny story associated with this. Don swears it’s true.

Recall that Barack Obama announced his running mate on the Saturday before the Democratic National Convention convened the following Monday? On the very next day, Sunday, an Obama supporter stopped in to buy some campaign paraphernalia, and she asked whether we had any Obama/Biden signs. Don laughed and told her “We’re good but not that good.”

So anyway, the new signs are in at 4801 Avenue H in Rosenberg [map]. You can buy them for $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00 (any two). The older signs with Obama’s name alone are now selling for $2.00 each. Stakes are included.

These things are going to go fast, and to my knowledge there is no other source for these slick suckers in Fort Bend County. Come and get yours now. The faster they go, the faster we can turn around and buy more.

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