Sunday, September 07, 2008

We Put Out Campaign Signs

Where do you think those big campaign signs come from every election season? Some of them come from the actual campaigns, but some of them are put out by us. By “us” I refer to the Fort Bend Democrats. We’ll put up the campaign signs with our T-posts which we bring out from storage every year. In '06 I was a part of the team that put out lots and lots of 4 x 4 and 4 x 8 signs all around the county. This year, I think, it’s good to pass that task on to a younger set. Strong young guys who aren’t “wrecked” for a couple of days after doing this.

Meet Morgan. Morgan is the office manager at the Fort Bend Democrats’ West Side Headquarters in Rosenberg, Texas. Here is Morgan defying gravity putting up Albert Hollan’s banner on the outside of the headquarters.

The front of the headquarters is starting to look very, very, good. Don’t you think?

Now out on the road on the east side, Morgan along with a brand new Fort Bend Democrat, Cedric, are putting up signs at the entrance to a soccer field. The soccer field’s owner, Skip Belt, is the reason behind our East Side Headquarters.

There’s Susan’s Bubba making sure everything is done just right

Then on to Chasewood where Cedric and Morgan sank T-posts into some very hard dry soil.

Remarkably, passersby, seeing what we were doing, would stop and ask us if we had any lawn signs. Yes, as it turns out, we do. Here’s Bubba making a sale.

Sugar Land has weird sign ordinances and we had to pace off 85 feet from two other signs to avoid an infraction of their law.

That sign went in quickly. Here’s Morgan carrying back the tools and ties while Cedric trims and tidies up.

Now we always have this space for us on Hwy 90A just east of the Brazos River. Today someone decided it would be a good place to park and advertise his ancient Winnebago. If someone wants to buy this gas gulping bucket of bolts, go on down and snap it up for the low, low price of $8500. Then we can move our signs.

Here’s where we had to put them.

Finally back in Rosenberg we bookended traffic in both directions.

Putting up these signs is hot tiring work. I can attest to this personally. Thanks to this historic election, we now have youth and vigor among our ranks.

Man, it’s about time.

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Fred said...

Thanks for putting the signs up at my building. They look great. Now we need our Obama sign!