Monday, September 22, 2008

Rick Noriega Responds to Cornyn’s TV Ad: All By Myself

When I viewed John Cornyn’s ad, various scenes of him walking around alone in Palo Duro Canyon, I just shook my head and thought “how lame. What’s the point of this?” Well, from the Noriega campaign response ad, I can see that I need to learn a few things.

Lesson 1: Never show yourself in absolute solitude, even if that is your usual state. It opens you up to all kinds of mirth and merriment.

Lesson 2: Never try and pass off yourself as a “change candidate” when your voting record goes 95% along with Bush. That’s not change, that is status quo.

Lesson 3: Dress well. Where are the hat and the jacket with the fringe on the sleeves? We look a little frail and pasty without that hat and that fringe.

Here is the ad, short and to the point.

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