Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reappraise Damaged Property? In Your Dreams

In a joint statement by Republican candidates John Zerwas, running for re-election in Texas HD 28, and Austen Furse, running badly behind in the Texas SD 17 special election, county appraisal districts should re-appraise property damaged by Hurricane Ike.

“This allows the people who lose their homes or suffer significant damage to pay only the fair property tax for the portion of the year after their homes were damaged or destroyed. This is a common-sense solution that is not too much to ask for our homeowners.”
Zerwas and Furse, it seems, read the Texas Tax Code and it says that if reappraisals are authorized, homeowners can ask for one.


State Rep. John Zerwas, and apparently Austen Furse may be, or want to be in the business of cutting taxes because taxpayers love their tax cuts, but county governments these days definitely are not.

In fact, the state’s tax revenues have shifted so much, thanks to the efforts of Zerwas and his ilk, that local entities have had to make up for their work by busily reappraising home property values up and up and up.

And these reappraisals have even driven up homeowners’ insurance policies because their properties’ replacement value is based on the appraised value.

So, puh-leeze, give me a break. This is just so much stuff and nonsense. A joint statement from the very kind who are responsible for property appraisals going up in the first place, urging county entities to lower homeowners’ appraisals?

Do they think we are as stupid as the McCain campaign thinks we are?

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