Monday, September 08, 2008

Congressman Al Green: Vote Chris Bell, Then Vote Democratic

It has been over a week since the Fort Bend Democrats held their election kickoff Labor Day barbecue in Sugar Land, but I have yet to put up all the video that I took at the event.

Al Green had lots to say and I got him saying a few of those things before my camera’s memory card filled up. It seems my math isn’t up to snuff. I can’t divide 4.096 times ten to the ninth by 1.048 times ten to the six. Not in my head, anyway. It comes out to a little more than 4, which is the size of the memory card. 4 gigs.

Anyway, some of the things that Al Green had to say were some rather nice things about Chris Bell, who had just left the event to attend another function.

Here is what he said.

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Anonymous said...

Salutations All;

We are going to need every vote we can. There is a group of people that think that they have lost their right to vote because they are former felons, but here is what they don’t know Texas is a progressive state. In an attempt to be progressive , the state of Texas allow former felons to register and vote as long as they have paid their debt to society by serving their time, not being on parole or probation. We need to inform people of this fact. We are going to need every vote we can get. So, spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbors. Let get them reregistered. The republicans are scaring me. There is some question about whether Sarah Palin is against contraception. Some members of the group she belongs to, feminist for life, are anti contraception.