Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Saturday Afternoon at the Headquarters

It’s still a little early for the Fort Bend Democrats headquarters to become a beehive of activity, but today it seemed like it was anyway.

It seems that if you put out a tent or a canopy, people stop and get out to look at what’s under it. That’s exactly what happened.

People streamed in and out all day buying signs, T-shirts, caps and buttons.

Then there was data entry going on. The Texas Democratic Party’s Voter Activation Network received updates on voters all day from volunteers who came in and out all day.

We have a wide variety of buttons that we buy from an online store and sell at a small markup so we can buy more.

We have the usual ticket buttons,

but also we have specialty items like these.

I am a special fan of the "Bloggers for" button. Especially when I have to explain to someone what OMGSTFU stands for.

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