Monday, September 01, 2008

Judge Susan Criss on Justice In Texas

[This is cross-posted from the Fort Bend Democrats’ website]

Well Hurricane Gustav did little to rain on our parade this past August 31st as the Fort Bend Democrats launched the campaign season with a Labor Day barbecue and fundraiser at the Sugar Land Community Center. Some may have been turned away by the weatherman, some may have had plans for the long weekend, but this did not prevent us from having a very $ucce$$ful event.

At the top of the speakers list was Judge Susan Criss, of the 212th District Court in Galveston County. Judge Criss shared with us some of her first hand experiences of justice in her court, and contrasted those with the questionable, laughable and some downright tragic examples of “justice” evident in the higher courts in Texas. Criss noted how some cases have become fodder for Hollywood screenwriters as they look for improbable story lines for their law-oriented TV shows.

But why not just let you see for yourself, huh?

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