Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Melissa Noriega on the Importance of Voting a Straight Democratic Ticket

After Chris Bell spoke at the Fort Bend Democrats’ Labor Day event, Susan’s Bubba announced that Melissa Noriega would the next speaker. I missed recording part of that but I wanted to include one thing that he did say. It was at an event very much like the Labor Day event, only in a fancier setting, that the Fort Bend Democrats first publicly urged Rick Noriega to run for US Senate to get rid of Bush’s rubber stamp senator, John Cornyn.

I know. I was there on that mid-February evening. I heard it.

But when Melissa spoke it was not as Rick’s wife, and it was not a stump speech for Rick Noriega (well, it was in a way, but only by default), it was a speech to urge everyone to send a message to the country.

To vote a straight Democratic ticket.

Like Susan Criss, this is in order to make sure that we elect Democratic judges, but really it is also to send a message. A message like the one we sent in 2006 when the Fort Bend County Elections office counted more straight ticket Democratic votes than straight ticket Republican votes.

Here’s Melissa (and sorry about the camera jiggling in the beginning. It happens. I own the cheapest tripod known to man).


Anonymous said...

Im a life long independent that votes for the best candidate that is available. Voting straight ticket is dangerous and irresponsible. I encourage the citizens of this nation pick up a newspaper or research their candidates.

Melissa Noriega is encouraging people to vote for candidates blindly? How UN-American and dangerous!

I plan on voting for a democrat for some local reps. I have made up my mind for the Presidential race, but Melissa Noriega has just completely turned me away from voting for her husband.

Hal said...

Are you sure that you are an independent, Anon? I have my doubts. You seem to know your mind, wrong that it is.

Independent voters are simply people who don't know what they are about. Mixing the menu, or the ballot, gives me indigestion.

Anonymous said...

Again. More politcal rhetoric mixed with a sad analagy about a custom meal. COME ON!!!?? Maybe you should vote for the 'people', and not the 'party'.

Your devotion blinds you.

Hal said...

Not devoted. I just simply know what I am about. I am about health insurance for all, an end to an illegal and immoral war, a woman's continued right to choose, stem cell research, a humane solution to immigration infractions, and economic reform involving, but not limited to, closing of the Enron Loophole.

I looked around. No Republican is in favor of any of those.

In addition, I consider anyone who votes for someone because they like the way they comb their hair, or doesn't vote for someone because their name scares them, as either an uninformed fool, or an independent voter.