Friday, May 29, 2009

Grand Old Pornophiles on Nancy Pelosi and S – E – X

You have to love what the leadership of the Republican National Committee has devolved to since massively losing the general election last November. The party of Reagan, the party of Lincoln, has undergone devolution to the party of dirty old bald ugly white guys.

And what is more, apparently they know it.

The RNC produced an ad that equates the Speaker of the House, a woman that is second in the line of succession to the presidency after Joe Biden, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, to the sinister 007 counter agent Pussy Galore.

These guys just don’t get it do they?

They thought it was funny and clever. They even made reference to Goldfinger’s method of torture: painting gold paint all over the body of a woman who betrayed him. A torture that, in the film, eventually killed the woman.

They even put Nancy Pelosi’s photograph down the rifled barrel of a gun as one will see in the beginning of any of the James Bond films produced since 1964. Their fantasy, it would seem, is to put a bullet in the head of the Speaker of the House.

Then paint her with gold paint, all the while obsessing over the fact that Nancy Pelosi is a woman.

Someone, that is, with female body parts.

How embarrassing is that?

Well, someone down at the RNC noticed that this commercial just might be offensive to women, who, at last count constituted 51% of the voting public.

They pulled the ad.

Try and find it on You Tube. It’s gone.

Too late, though. You can still see the ad on any given website. Like this website where you can download it. Or, actually, right here.

Yes that is a naked lady right at the end. A naked lady painted with gold paint.

What I await with baited breath is another ad from the same people that superimposes the video images of our Democratic female office holders with video clips from “Girls Gone Wild.”

It is only a matter of time.

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