Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lowly Trooper Morrison On The Obama Agenda

Last night the Fort Bend Democrats held another fundraiser to prepare a war chest for the 2010 mid term elections. It was billed as the “Gumbo Gala” and it attracted a crowd of gumbo-chomping zydeco-listening Democrats of all ages, sizes and shapes.

Midway through the evening the music was paused in order to hold a live auction.

Richard Morrison, the newly elected (and Democratic) County Commissioner for Fort Bend County was slated to work the audience and get the bidding up.

But he was late.

So he missed auctioning off a remarkable painting of Ted Kennedy smiling in the foreground with his two brothers looking down on him from over his left (naturally) shoulder.

He finally got there and finished the task, ending the auction with a framed black and white picture of Barack Obama in a thoughtful pose.

Then, quite unexpectedly Morrison went off script and shared with the party goers what it means to be a “lowly ground troop(er)” carrying out the Obama stimulus agenda at the local level. You don’t hear about this stuff in the news so it was actually quite . . . stimulating.

Anyway, I videoed the entire thing and its up at You Tube now. Or you can just click below.

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Anonymous said...

That's our Morrison! Besides who needs to listen to Allen, Humphries and Boone clients all evening at the chamber gatherings. These are the string pullers that backed Ord. & Stavy.