Saturday, May 09, 2009

May 9th is Election Day – Go Vote

This is it. May 9th 2009. Election Day in city elections, MUDs and school districts. It doesn’t get more local than this.

These elections affect your life the most because when politics are local, the effect is local, too.

In Fort Bend ISD you have a choice. And apparently the candidates have split themselves into tickets, because where you see an Albright campaign sign, you see a Cain sign right next to it.

So is the case with Bhuchar and Glover.

So you have a clear choice here. You can vote for the rabble rousers who want to turn their fellow Trustees on their respective ears, or you can vote for the status quo, which is he message I am getting by seeing Marilyn Glover’s sign next to Sonal Bhuchar’s.

Because that’s where you usually see it, when it isn’t laying down in the grass, that is (look closely at the Albright/Cain photograph above).

Or, you can be original. Make your own ticket. Mix and match.

That’s fun, too.


Anonymous said...

Well, Hal; you mentioned that when you voted early, it was a sparse turn-out. Today I voted on the actual voting date, and voters were scarce as hen's teeth. I was number 28 at about 3 o’clock this afternoon and the voting opened at 7:30 a.m. Oh, my, I do not want to dash hopes. But--------------; I’m afraid to voice it aloud.

Anonymous said...

Low turn-outs make it easy for the vendor and insider candidates to maintain the BOT seats. Your piece above this one calling Cain the "Keep the change bunch" is hardly accurate. You really need to pay closer attention to who is endorsing whom and paying their tab. You see the "keep the change bunch" (the c-club and local gopers and their developer controllers) endorsed and funded Bhuchar and Glover, not Cain or Albright. At least get the facts straight for once half and temper the propaganda since it is your allies that endorsed Cain/Albright.

You may want to also mention that it wasn't a 1 issue race seeing the $15 million approved by the 7-0 board in no bid contracts, continued higher taxes based on bond proposals than are constantly changing for whatever special project the supt. gets a whim for and the forced closure of 2 east-end academies because the over-spending on the wrong projects and the 10 million dollar budget deficit.

Most the people we talked to who went to the polls weren't even aware of the issues or that their has been a projected 10m budget deficit. When they saw the facts they changed their votes while going into the polls.

You are right about one thing though, Jenney gets to keep his 7-0 yes board until next year and I'm sure we will see 2 wonderful childrens museums within 1.5 miles of each other. It may cause a little confusion, but hey, our edc bunch doesn't mind that if it feeds another member vendor or our dime.

As for teachers and admins leaving the district that hasn't stopped either or did you happen to miss the recent FBN piece of the actual numbers of senior level admins. You also might want to check the real data on teacher turn-over. It remains high in this district of poor benefits and late pay (or in some case no pay for months).

Enjoy your edc selection d-club crony! Now that's a team-up (d-club and edc)

Anonymous said...

Glover really shouldn't run through neighborhoods the night before an election and place her signs indiscriminately on peoples private property that did not give her permission to, not should she place them on HOA right of way or on private golf courses. Perhaps that is why so many of her signs were discarded. Maybe you could share the election code with her or her hired hack paid for by the special interest feeding off our bond and tax dollars.

They will get their monies worth out of her.

Hal said...

I guess that explains why Glover's sign, planted within view of a polling place on a HOA parkway, was pulled up and laid down, but Cain's and Albright's signs were up and visible.

This was clearly a fight between factions of the Dark Side. Just shows how nasty these people get even when up against their own.

And how about that poor loser display?

Next thing you know there will be talk of secession.

Anonymous said...

There were no signs pulled by Albright/Cain factions and were only placed in our community with permission on private property, not right of way. As a matter of fact the sign you took the picture of was not on HOA or public ROW, but on an individual's private property right before a polling station and were placed there with the permission of the owner weeks before. The only signs removed were removed from club property by members and HOA ROW, by members, after they were indiscriminately placed without obtaining any approval the night before the election, but you can keep spinning your propaganda if you like.

As for "fight between factions of the Dark Side" you seem to forget Glover was one of yours before she became a "dark-sider" and Albright never was a "dark-sider", nor is Cain. Too bad you missed all that in your very poor research as usual.

Better luck next time on your lies.

Hal said...

You must have x-ray vision. You haven't the faintest idea where the signs in the photographs were placed, do you?

Wrong guesses all around.

Actually, I don't think I am wrong about political alliance. I have access to a database. It says lots.

Anonymous said...

Is that like DB voting in the gop primary? Give me a break. You are way off fool.