Monday, May 25, 2009

Point of Order Will Kill Voter ID Bill

State Rep Jim Dunnam (D - Waco) has identified an error in the process to bring the Voter ID bill, SB 362 by Todd Smith, up for a vote in the House.

It is certain to kill the bill, thus saving the state of Texas from having to spend time and treasure defending itself in court as a certain to succeed lawsuit is filed to challenge the legality of the bill.

The error? House rules say that the minutes of the House Elections Committee meetings on the bill must be filed within three days of the end of committee hearings. According to the time/date stamp on the minutes, they were actually filed 4 days late, after 7 days.

That’s a violation of the rules, and we don’t violate the rules.

House Democrats are so confident that this technicality will kill the bill that they are no longer throwing up obstacles to bringing the bill to the House floor for a vote.

So read ‘em and weep voter suppressing Republicans. When you deal the hand you don’t get to complain about the cards that were dealt to you.

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