Friday, May 22, 2009

Pete Olson Favors Rise in Sea Level

Glancing over the Congressional Record today I noticed that MY congressman, Pete Olson, opposes the Cap and Trade Bill.

The Cap and Trade Bill is an administrative method to knock down the production of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide among others, by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants.

Here is what he said in Congress yesterday on this:
“Madam Speaker, as the House moves closer to taking up legislation to tax carbon emissions of American businesses, we must consider the real costs versus the theoretical benefits.”

“Recent CBO analysis indicates the potential loss of jobs in my home State of Texas, by the year 2020, due to the cap-and-tax bill that is before the House now to be between 53,000 and 300,000 jobs, resulting in a loss of personal income between $3.9 billion to $22.8 billion. CBO also estimates that a 15 percent mandatory reduction in carbon dioxide emissions could cost the average household $1,600 in higher energy prices, with a disproportionate burden placed on low-income families.”

“Energy costs are already high, and we're experiencing one of the worst economic periods in history. Economic impacts aside, we must also look at whether this costly program will achieve its intended goals. The answer, based on the evidence before us, is clearly no. A global problem requires a global solution. Unilateral U.S. action will only hurt our country's ability to compete in a global marketplace.”

“Texas and America simply cannot afford to further cripple our already fragile economy with a risky, costly Federal mandate that does little or nothing to impact the global climate.”
My guess is that Pete Olson is not one of those who has signed on to global warming and the rise in sea level that will result. This is because the cap and trade method of controlling emissions is not a theory. It has been around awhile. It has been modeled by computers for almost 40 years now.

No instead of getting serious about global warming, Pete Olson would rather see the sea level rise. And why not? Surely he has seen the demographics of coastlines. Take his own home state for instance (Texas now, not Virginia). What is the demographic breakdown of your typical coastline voter on, say, Galveston Island?

If you live in Galveston chances are you vote for Democrats.

And a mere 20 centimeter rise in sea level will cause Galveston Island to disappear in no time. Because when the sea level rises, the barrier islands of the world erode.

My guess is that Pete Olson doesn’t buy into the whole global warming thing. But even if he did, so what? Pete wins when Democrats lose.

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Anonymous said...

A just to think that we traded special interest backed Lampson for special interest backed Olson. Interesting to see that Pete has his offices in the Freed Marketing building. So many of the Freed clients contribute to this joker they call 'honest' Pete....what a laugh!