Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Primary Arlen Specter

I take it all back.

When Senator Arlen Specter (D? – PA) announced that he was switching sides and would run for re-election next year as a Democrat, we Democrats whooped it up, claiming victory. The steamroller that won’t quit just keeps rolling along.

I take it all back.

Not only did Specter, on Sunday’s Meet the Press news program deny saying to President Obama that he would be “a loyal Democrat,” he emphatically denied it. And given moderator David Gregory's incredulity at the denial, it seems that Specter was backpedaling on statements he actually made to President Obama.

And in retrospect, what with his very candid remarks about how he had no chance to win against his rightwing opponent in the Republican primary next year, it seems a no brainer that Arlen Specter is not actually a self-declared Democrat, he is a self-declared Democrat-In-Name-Only.

Now the Democrats had lots of these types in our big tent before LBJ pushed the Voting Rights Act through in the 60’s. We called them Dixiecrats. They all fled the party once they saw the betrayal of President Johnson.

As it should be.

And what we really don’t want right now, and really don’t need, are any more “Democrats of Convenience.” We don’t need Democrats who seem to rat out their friends in order to stay in their office, when they actually don’t. Nothing has changed in Arlen Specter except a letter after his name. Arlen Specter is a Republican through and through.

Case in point. Today Arlen Specter, upon being asked to comment on whether he cared about the fact that there were no more Jewish Republican senators in office, Specter responded, categorically, this way:

“I sure do. There’s still time for the Minnesota courts to do justice and declare Norm Coleman the winner.”

Now there is no evidence anywhere that Norm Coleman is the clear choice of Minnesotan’s as their senator. Contrary-wise, there is ample evidence that Al Franken is their choice. Therefore, Specter’s comment, his high hope, is that he hopes that Norm Coleman takes the senate seat when he doesn’t deserve it.

Because he lost the election.

This is a black and white pure partisan statement.

A partisan statement that no Democrat would make.

No, that’s it. Obama's promises of support in the primary or not, Specter needs to be opposed in the Democratic primary next year. If he wins, OK. No problem. But if we can get a real Democrat in that seat, rather than this two-faced self-aggrandizing jerk, won’t we all be better off for it?

Tom Ridge as an R, or Arlen Specter as a D. What’s the difference?

Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA) had his eye on the seat before Specter used his stature and the power of his party switching to get Obama and others to support him, evidently nudging him out of the race. Sestak remains unconvinced, as I am, that we have a reliable vote in Specter.

From CBS News:

“Specter could still face a challenge from another Democrat in the primary. Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Penn.), an outspoken Specter critic, told CNN’s John King, he is ‘not sure [Specter is] a Democrat yet.’”

Sestak needs to jump in. This is a win-win situation. Sestak will be running against a Republican in the Democratic primary. Lots of ammunition there. No problem firing shots at Specter. No party division or recriminations to fret about.

Nothing much to worry about except going up against the Obama presidency.

Hey, that didn’t hurt Hillary much, did it?


Anonymous said...

Specter is your average run of the mill politician--only interested in one thing--getting re-elected.

No principles at all. Whatever it takes to get re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should join the independent ranks. Who needs to the two major tax subsidized crony-monopolies anyway.