Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shakeup at Fort Bend County DA Office

Ironically coming on the heels of getting the maximum sentence imposed for a drunk driving manslaughterer, Fort Bend’s District Attorney John Healey fired his senior Assistant District Attorney, Mike Elliott at the end of the day yesterday.

Bob Dunn at FortBendNow has a complete story on this including quotes from Elliott himself who was oddly very talkative about his public sacking.

Healey wouldn’t comment on the affair other than to say that the reasons for firing Elliott had to do with “performance issues.”

Elliott, however, had it differently, saying that the chief reason for his firing was that Healey feared that Elliott would run against him next year. Firing him, I guess, was his way of marginalizing him.

As if he wasn’t already marginalized by his past deeds in prosecuting the mayor of Fulshear and planting racketeering charges on former employees of a local roofing company.

Or how he went after Republican Political Consultant Karen Pearson’s former boyfriend.

I really don’t think that the DA had much to be afraid of vis-à-vis Mike Elliott. Not in the way Elliott imagines, that is.

Because the truth is, Mike Elliott was Healey’s albatross. Keeping him on year after year, with all of his shenanigans out in public was testimony to John Healey’s incredible mishandling of the office of the district attorney.

Either that or Elliott had Healey over a barrel with possession of a bunch of photographs.

Who knows where this will lead, what with Republicans having at each other from one end of the country to the other. One can only hope that it will lead to having a new DA next year, followed by maybe an outbreak of justice in Fort Bend County.


Anonymous said...

Yes it would be nice seeing our jail space used for our area criminals (corporate and street level), rather than letting locals go to free up the jail space to rent out to other counties giving the appearance that we never have enough jail space so we can keep vendors and regular county contributors like Bass and Turner Construction happy and fat with more projects.

Anonymous said...

So it looks like we will have possibly 3 insiders running on the repug side of this race. I wonder if the dems are going to be smart enough to get a candidate in the general on this one? Whoever emerges will be bloody and broke coming out of the primaries. It would be nice to see someone on the DAs office that is more interested in the people of this county who live here than defending the special interest money bags that run this county.