Monday, July 18, 2011

New Hampshire Teabaggers Have Perry’s Number

Texas Tea Partiers just love them some Rick Perry. They love his secession talk. They love it when he jogs packing heat. They love it when he just says NO to any new form of revenue that just might make his state solvent once again.
But New Hampshire Tea Partiers, you know, New Hampshire, the first primary state, have Rick Perry’s number and they are getting the word out on him.
Like how Rick Perry was once a Democrat (gasp) and was even Al Gore’s Texas campaign chair in 1988 (when he was a Democrat).
Like how Rick Perry supported the DREAM Act in 2001, giving the children of illegal aliens a fighting chance at a decent life – a position he solidly opposes now that he is a reactionary Republican.
Like how he supported the now defunct Trans Texas Corridor, a project which threatened the property rights of hundreds of Texas landowners across the state.
Like how he wanted to force thousands of eleven year old female children to be vaccinated for Human Papillomavirus or HPV – because his former Chief of Staff was a lobbyist for Merck, the maker of the HPV vaccine.
You know, stuff all we Texans know, or should know, or should have known when Perry soundly defeated a better man (better, but just not all that interesting), former Houston mayor Bill White.
And therein lies the difference between idiotic New Hampshire Teabaggers and idiotic Texas Teabaggers.
In New Hampshire, they still read.

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Marsha said...


Now if we can only convince him to run for President, we have some of the Proud of Texas but Ashamed of Perry shirts left.