Sunday, July 10, 2011

Perry’s Going to Run and Leal Sealed the Deal

If anyone is still doubting that Rick Perry is going to sit the next Presidential election out, the death of Humberto Leal Garcia at the end of this past week, should lay all doubts to rest.
Leal is pretty much a poster child for all that Rick Perry stands for. First, Rick Perry hates illegal immigrants. Hates them. No, not because they are in his state, not because they vote (they don’t and there is no evidence that they do), and not because they take jobs away from citizens and  food from the mouths of decent white children. He hates them because he has to in order to remain in office. Perry’s base hates Mexicans so he must also.
Second, Perry hates the feds. Hates them. Not because they won’t give him any money. They have, hand over fist and Perry has accepted all of it except when it benefits people like the unemployed in his state.
(By the way, Perry hates the unemployed because it gives lie to his myth of “the Texas miracle”).
But now combining the two, illegal aliens and hatred of “federal overreach” we have the former living human being Humberto Leal Garcia.
Leal, a Mexican national, was tried and convicted of capital murder. Itself not very newsworthy except for the fact that as a signatory of the Vienna Convention guaranteeing that citizens arrested in foreign countries would have the benefit of a helping hand from consular officials from their home countries, the United States, and in this case, the state of Texas, was obligated to let the Mexican government come to Leal’s aid in his trial.
But Leal was never made aware of his rights, and the Mexican government was never notified that he was being tried for capital murder.
So Leal was tried, convicted, and on Friday, executed by lethal injection.
The Supreme Court refused to hear the case to stay the execution by 5 to 4. Rick Perry refused to grant a stay and even went to the extent of refusing to take the call of the Ambassador from Mexico.
Most people would be horrified at this. Americans, now, as it currently stands, are at risk of being similarly treated when the venture abroad.
Perry’s base is thrilled. Oh yeah man, you bet they are.


Greg said...

Odd -- I've never met a Republican who hates Mexicans. I have, on the other hand, met many Republicans (and many Democrats, too) who are shocked and appalled by the failur eof our government at every level to secure our border and remove those here illegally, whatever their country of origin. Interestingly enough, many of those I've heard comment most strongly on the issue are themselves of Hispanic background, often only the first or second generation born in this country.

And therein is the key difference between those of us who want our nation's immigration laws enforced and those of you who oppose such an effort. We look at the conduct and oppose it because it is against the law and we believe the law should be enforced in a colorblind way -- you look at the race and/or ethnicity of the lawbreakers, excuse them because of their race and/or ethnicity. Then you condemn those of us on the other side of the issue because you presume that we are as racist as you are and conclude that our refusal to excuse the lawbreakers is based upon the same sort of racist motivation that led you to excuse them.

Joern and Denise Geleitsmann said...

I had a neighbor claim that it was NO ONES RIGHT to tell Texas what they can do with their criminals! It's our right to kill him!

I tried to explain that if he or his family ever got arrested in another country, this little Convention may save their asses. His response: I don't do things that get me arrested.
Oh, yeah, and that's right. NO ONE innocent ever gets arrested.

Leal was an animal, but I have a real issue with our country claiming we don't have to follow international law/treaties if we don't want to.