Thursday, July 07, 2011

Rick Perry: The New Kid on the Block

Oh I can hardly wait. It is becoming more and more apparent that Texas’ governor, Rick Perry, is in the presidential race – all except in name at least. The Texas Tribune has a new app called PerryTracker 2, showing how Rick Perry has been moving around the country and where he plans to go in the future.

No, the man is running.

This should be fun to watch considering how much Rick Perry’s politics and public statements so widely vary from mainstream public opinion.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

For instance, for the average voter to accept Rick Perry as his or her candidate of choice they will have to agree with Perry that:

Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme

Possession and sales of marijuana should be not be legalized but this is completely a state decision. What’s good in California doesn’t fly in Texas.

It is unconstitutional for the federal government to collect taxes to fund Medicare.

Big Government demands to vaccinate 11-year old girls against Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is perfectly OK and so is a constitutional amendment forbidding gay unions.

You see, most of these issues are red meat issues among the rightwing of the Republican Party and Teabaggers.  Perry should do well among primary voters, the majority of whom are the rightwing and Teabaggers. But facing Barack Obama in the Fall of 2012 with this agenda should be more challenging.

And Fun. Fun. Fun.

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