Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Prosecute The Rocket? Answers.

Yesterday I wondered out loud about what could possibly be the reason to spend time and treasure prosecuting Roger Clemens for perjury, a crime that everyone knows he committed just as we all know that the taking of steroids to enhance performance in professional baseball is as common as dirt.
What is the moral outrage? But more to the point, what is the motivation to go after Clemons so aggressively? Well today, in The Chron, I think we were shown the answer: the Justice Department wants a win.
From The Chron:Now we are making some sense. The Justice Department was righteously burned the last time out. What is worse, because of his trial, Senator Stevens lost his seat in 2008, and because of some pilot error, lost his life in 2009.
“The Justice Department’s meltdown in the prosecution of the late Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska has added pressure on prosecutors in the perjury trial of baseball icon Roger Clemens. Stevens was convicted of federal corruption charges in 2008 days before being defeated for re-election after 40 years in the Senate. Months later, the conviction was dismissed because investigators found evidence of prosecutorial misconduct.”
In short, Senator Stevens slipped through the grip of justice, and the Justice Department is feeling the heat. They think they might just have a win in Roger Clemens, so there you have it. It’s not about the national IQ, it’s not about the National Pastime, it’s not about making America a better place to live.
It’s about needing to win one.

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