Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Texas Equusearch to Sue Casey Anthony?

Now I am not going to join the chorus of voices who are complaining about the outcome of the recent murder trial in Orlando, Florida. I won’t complain because I followed the trial closely, well, listening to the televised trial from the next room and came to the conclusion that the jury correctly concluded not that Casey Anthony was innocent, just that she wasn’t guilty beyond reasonable doubt. The prosecution never proved their case.

The defense story, that Anthony’s daughter accidentally drowned in the pool and that she buried her much like her family buried their pets rather than reporting the accident is, in a word, plausible. The story is plausible because Casey Anthony is a damaged person beyond all reasonable doubt. Damaged and a compulsive liar, but maybe, just maybe not guilty of murder.

But now here is the rub. Texas Equusearch, which sent a team to look for her daughter, spending by their estimate $112,000 now says that since the girl was never missing, that someone knew exactly where she was buried, they want their money back.

KTRK is saying that they are going to sue Casey Anthony to recover their costs. Costs that they wouldn’t have incurred in either case, whether the child was murdered or accidentally drowned.

And I have to admit, they have a point.

I guess the only real question is whether someone who volunteers their services has any basis for suing to recover costs when it becomes apparent that their services were never required.

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Anonymous said...

I hope they sue her and I hope she has civil suits thrown at her so she can NEVER profit from killing her daughter...I too watched the trial daily as well as jury selections etc...There was enough circumstantial evidence to convict of at least 1 of the first three counts. I think this was an instance of CSI syndrome amongst the jurors (that or home-sickness). How can 12 people honestly go through 400 pieces of evidence, 90 witnesses and 33 days of trial/testimony in a 10 hour time frame.