Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Splitting the Rightwing Looney Tunes Vote: Romney’s Only Hope

I read an interesting analysis of what could possibly happen in the event that Rick Perry finally give the nod and step into the Republican fray for Presidential nominee. The Chron blog, Texas on the Potomac had an interesting take.
’According to Jensen, ‘Bachmann’s rise has been fueled by her appeal to voters on the far right — and their skepticism about Romney.’” But the PPP polling found that either Perry or former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin could carve up large portions of Bachmann’s support, should they enter the 2012 race.” 
“‘A Palin candidacy would take a large bite out of Bachmann’s support with virtually no impact on Romney,’ said Jensen.”
Meaning, of course that the current field of candidates that have broad appeal among the Teabaggers, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry could conceivably split up the uber Rightwing of the Republican Party, leaving the rest to moderate Mitt Romney, whose position has been slowly eroded by Bachmann.
The Tea Party splits its vote, giving the moderates and Independents free hand to decide who the nominee will be.
Now this is not especially good news for me. I would dearly love it if the ultra right got its way in the nomination process. Moderates and Independents would have the bejesus scared out of them by an extremist candidate with poor recall over things like history and facts, as Perry, Palin and Bachmann have exhibited of late.
The Obama strategy must entail making their candidate look so similar to Mitt Romney that primary voters will opt out of voting for him. But if the ultra-conservative vote is split to such a high degree, just about the only thing we can hope for if Romney doesn’t get the nomination outright, is a hopelessly deadlocked Republican National Convention.
One can only hope.

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