Monday, July 11, 2011

Prosecuting “The Rocket” : Supreme Waste of Time and Money

Doesn’t it strike you that at this time in history, when we need all of our resources and treasure to take care of the things we need, at a time that Republicans want to cut and cut and cut, we put Roger “The Rocket” Clemons on trial for lying to  Congress?
Does anyone out there really care?
Sure he lied. Everyone knows he lied. Everyone knew it the instant he denied taking steroids to enhance his playing of the national pastime. Clemons exhibited amazing bad judgment doing what he did, saying what he did. But no. We have to put the man on trial. What I am completely missing out on is why is this a benefit to the nation. Is it going to make America a better place to live? Is it going to save baseball? Will the national IQ bump up a few points?
No, no and no.
Clemons faces a possible 30 year prison sentence and a $1.5 million fine.
For a crime that everyone knows he committed, for a crime that hurts no one. Cheaters will cheat. That is a fact of life and an aspect of human nature that was probably instilled in us 40,000 years ago.
If the purpose is to convince Americans that “cheaters never prosper,” well forget it. It didn’t work on the playground in 1st grade and it won’t work here.

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