Thursday, July 28, 2011

Perry’s Only Prayer

Today a Texas court will hold a hearing on Rick Perry’s participation in “The Response,” Rick Perry’s own attempt to organize a mass prayer rally and 7 hour fast, an exclusively Christian event sponsored by a well-known Christian hate group, the American Family Association. Briefs have been filed and the court is ready to hear the case.

Rick Perry has come under such a heavy barrage of fire over this unbridled showing of religious preference under color of law that, literally, his only hope of coming out of this mess unscathed is only if the plaintiff, The Freedom From Religion Foundation, is successful in barring him from participating in his event.

Heck, it even gives him points among the Evangelicals as yet another proof that Christians, who enjoy an 83% majority status in America, are being discriminated against by atheistic leftist extremists and the liberal news media.

If Perry loses, Perry wins.

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