Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Default? What a Surprise.

Coming as no surprise to anyone I know, the Republicans and Democrats who are still doing their jobs in DC by negotiating, and not obstinately digging their heels in on a policy of take no prisoners  have hashed out a deal that will prevent the national economy from a proverbial crash and burn come this August 2nd.
Teabaggers, obviously, had nothing to do with the deal, and they could still end up sabotaging the whole process if they can scare up the votes to block passage.
Obama got his wish not to have to rehash the whole thing before the 2012 elections, something that I imagine the Republicans will immediately set to work to reverse in the coming weeks and months. Offsetting this minor victory, Republicans nabbed yet another promise not to raise badly needed revenue, revenue badly needed to set the nation back in working order.
So given that the requisite votes can be assembled in both houses of Congress tomorrow, this whole affair should be old news come this time tomorrow.
Should be.

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