Friday, May 11, 2007

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 We Don’t Want Your !#!&?!-in War

Have you looked at who voted for and against HR 2206, the bill to fund the war for 6 months after its enactment? It was largely along party lines but with some small crossovers. It came down to 219 Democrats voting Yea and 2 Republicans joining them. The 2 are Wayne Gilchrest (R - MD) and Walter B. Jones (R – NC). My congressman, Nick Lampson also voted for this bill.

Nay votes included 197 Republican votes and 8 Democrats. Among the Democratic votes was an interesting assemblage: Michael Michaud (D – ME), Barbara Lee (D – CA), Dennis Kucinich (D – OH), Forteney Stark (D – CA), John Tanner (D - TN), Maxine Waters (D - CA), Diane Watson (D - CA) and Lynn Woolsey (D - CA).

By interesting, I mean . . . interesting. It is a curious combination of one Blue Dog Democrat and seven Far Lefties. Blue Dog Democrats argue for more fiscal accountability in Iraq. The Far Lefties have simply concluded that not one more dime should be spent in this disaster.

I agree. Dennis Kucinich has a bill that reflects the views of these people and I am on board with it. It is appropriately numbered HR 1234. I remember marching in Vietnam War protests chanting the little ditty that appears in the title of this post.

In short, here is what HR 1234 proposes:

Requires that all U.S. Armed Forces be completely withdrawn from Iraq and returned to the United States or redeployed outside of the Middle East within three months of enactment of this Act.

Prohibits fund use under any provision of law to deploy or continue to deploy members or units of the U.S. Armed Forces to Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Exempts from such prohibition fund use to: (1) provide for the Armed Forces' safe and orderly withdrawal from Iraq; (2) ensure the security of Iraq by carrying out consultations with the government of Iraq, other foreign governments, the United Nations, and other international organizations; or (3) ensure the security of Iraq by funding the U.N.-led peacekeeping mission.

HR 2237, voted down in today’s session, was also a bill setting a timetable for bringing the war to a close. In this vote our curious coalition in 2206 split up, with our Blue Dog Democrat staying with like-minded Republicans, and our Lefty Seven rejoining their Democratic brethren. Gilchrest and Jones went back to the Republican side as well.

Nick Lampson, my congressman, voted on 2237 with the Republicans as well. You have to give him credit where credit is due: at least he’s consistent.

Consistent. But wrong. It is going to take an HR 1234 to end this war. I just wonder how many more American and Iraqi lives will be lost before enough congressmen and senators finally come to the inescapable conclusion that Bush will not stop this war.

Congress has to step up and do the right thing.

End the war in Iraq now.

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