Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tick – Tick – Tick 7 Days To Go

Early Voting Continues Until May 8th

Have you voted yet? I have. Anyone can vote on early voting dates. That’s still a huge misconception. It’s best to vote early so that you know you won’t be turned back or given a provisional ballot. If I could have, I would have voted for Melissa Noriega for Houston City Council Position 3, but my voter registration card brought up only Fort Bend County and ISD positions as well as the statewide Texas constitutional amendment issue.

The poll workers are invariably Republicans here. My guy was disappointed that I gave him only my voter registration card. He liked photo IDs. He didn’t say a thing as he scanned my card’s barcode, but when the next guy in line handed over his Texas driver’s license and I heard the guy say, “well at least with this I can see that it is you.”


Melissa Noriega needs your help. She has phone lists and a great decision tree script for you to use. It’s so easy now, you don’t even have to think, just follow the script and the if/then conditions.

Like: If they say they voted for Melissa then ask them if they want a yard sign. Stuff like that.

Election Day is Saturday, May 12th. So go out and vote early at any polling location in your county, then go on up to Melissa’s headquarters on Saturday and volunteer to call a list or go block walking. I hear they will feed you.

Show up at 9 AM for breakfast and a short training session. Then go block walking. It’s fun. Then get back to the headquarters at 1:30 PM and they’ll feed you again. Or if you’re not a morning person, sleep in. Get to the headquarters by 1:30 PM and they will feed you and send you out for afternoon block walking.

On an uncharacteristically optimistic note, I think Melissa is going to win this one. But nothing is carved in stone, and a win doesn’t happen until people come out of the woodwork and get people out to vote.

What I really want to happen is have Melissa’s margin be so over the top compared to the next highest vote getter, that it will set people to notice that the city council seat once occupied by Crazy Shelley – the Pink One - who embarrassed us all during the lame duck session of congress last year - get filled by a very nice, sane, intelligent, progressive woman.

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