Wednesday, May 30, 2007

DCCC: Take Your Tithing Bowl and Shove It.

I don’t get email messages from the DCCC any more. Not since they started screwing around with Nick Lampson’s campaign last fall. So I didn’t get the infamous email from them, featuring James Carville asking for Memorial Day donations.

Now, through the reaction to the poorly-timed DCCC plea for funds, we are all being treated to the Netroots backlash to Democrats in Congress who lack the intestinal fortitude to step up to the plate and find some way out of this quagmire. It’s a quagmire and you’re going to have to get dirty and take some licks to fight in it, but that’s what a majority of Americans thought we were doing in sending a Democratic majority to Washington.

A pre-Memorial Day sell-out to the Bush Regime enrages us all the more.

Find a way to get it done. Call for a National Referendum. Repeal the authorization to use armed forces in Iraq (HJR 114). Then invoke the War Powers Resolution to end our involvement in the Iraqi Civil War.

Because until you do, you will not see one thin dime from me – so don’t even ask.

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libhom said...

My money is going to primary challenges of pro-war Democrats and to Green Party general election candidates. is providing some real leadership on this issue.