Thursday, May 31, 2007

David Wallace Will Not Run For Anything in '08

Harvey Kronberg just published a media release from Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace.

He will not seek his party’s nomination for candidate for US Congress in Texas CD-22, nor will he run for re-election for Sugar Land mayor.

Holy Hasenpfeffer.

Here is what he has to say:

Over the past several months, I have fielded an increasing number of questions regarding the upcoming election for Congressional District 22. While this is a position in which I am confident I could serve the constituency well, this is not the most favorable time for me to launch a campaign of this magnitude and to devote the ongoing time required of this important position.

In November of 2006, I partnered with Costa Bajjali to form a new company, Wallace Bajjali Development Partners LP. Just as with any new venture, this business requires a concentrated investment of my time and energy right now. I believe strongly that I owe it to my partner, Costa Bajjali, our investors, as well as my family, to make this my top priority at this time.

It has been my distinct honor to serve the citizens of Sugar Land as Mayor for three terms. It has truly been a dream job. Since the early days when Sugar Land was a company town, through its phenomenal growth, to today as we realize our great potential, this has been a community dedicated to excellence. I have been proud to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the outstanding men and women elected to City Council and the exceptional City Manager and staff to help Sugar Land take its place among the best cities in the nation.

However, as I stated last Fall, I will not be seeking a fourth term as Mayor for the very same reason that I will not pursue the congressional office at this time. My early announcement of this decision was designed to give citizens ample opportunity to carefully consider who they would like to have as their next mayor. I stand by this decision.

So it looks like the field is clear for Shelley Schulla Gibbons, or whatevertheheck her name is. But we still haven’t heard from the others who must surely have pricked up their ears at this news. Crazy Bob Talton still has his website to pour bits and bytes into. Charlie Howard can still rent his site here. Paul Bettencourt is looking at this race askance according to FortBendNow.

“…those pesky rumors have been circulating that Bettencourt has rethought his position, and isn’t so keen on a congressional run anymore.”

But the one that I am still waiting to hear from is that political powerhouse Giannibicego Hoa Tran.

You remember her and her talking points?

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Vote Giannibicego Hoa Tran!

Nuclear Bomb!


Van said...

Don't kid yourself about the vinegar being utilized as an "additive" flavor in the rabbit stew. In reality it is to "substract" the polyamine flavors(and smell)that develop from hanging the rabbit under the eaves for several days before cooking. You know, just like that which effuses from Wallace's story. Hence also why so much pepper is needed. Except in this case I think it was salt on a tail to keep the bird from flying.

Hal said...

And THAT, everyone who reads this blog, is why I love me some Van. Van knows her hasenpfeffer. Partially rotting meat, just like our current US Congress.

Members of the 110th US Congress, please note. We are still at war in Iraq and you have done NOTHING to alter that fact.

You are all cooked rabbits if we don't get out of Iraq.

For one, I personally will hold back any cash contribution to any candidate who does not sign on to US out of Iraq NOW. Obama: nothing from me. Hillary: get on the dime. Edwards: How much you want?