Friday, May 11, 2007

Ken Bryant Goes Ballistic

When they blow, they blow. Republican Ken Bryant, seeking the non-partisan Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustee Position 7 has gone volcanic.

An African-American, Bryant has assumed that he has the support of any and all African-Americans, and others, particularly other Republicans, in his bid to retain his hotly contested seat on the Fort Bend ISD school board.

County Commissioner Grady Prestage, a Democrat, has hotly denounced Bryant’s report of the endorsement from Prestage’s office. Of Bryant’s statements on Prestage’s endorsement, County Commissioner Prestage was quoted as saying at FortBendNow.

“I’m not supporting Ken Bryant and I’m real ticked off.. My wife had a conniption fit when she found out – and I don’t even know how to spell conniption.”

Talk about grasping at straws.

Even Red Coated Fort Bend County Sheriff Milton (Uncle Milty) Wright had no good words to say for Ken Bryant, running for Fort Bend ISD School Board Trustee. Amazingly, he left his fellow Republican twisting in the wind, as it were:

“I don’t have anything against him. I’m neutral in the school board race.”

Wright did endorse Bryant when the Republican ran in an unsuccessful race against incumbent Democratic State Representative Dora Olivo, but that’s as far as it went.

"Just because you endorse someone once, it don’t mean you endorse him for everything.”

Woo – HOO! Lesson: If you are a Republican, don't count on your allies, especially when you become a political burden. Especially here in Fort Bend. Republicans here are meaner than a rattlesnake with a hearing problem.

Fort Bend ISD families, get a broom. Time to sweep out the old.

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Susan said...

That's odd -- someone found Milton Wright? He's been reported missing for several years. Bob must have gone to the golf course to get him.