Monday, May 28, 2007

Quorum Absent!!

94 ayes in the Texas House don’t mean anything if a quorum isn’t present.

Democrats (most of them) and Republicans who object to the dictatorship that has been foisted on the Texas House left the floor at 12:42 AM.

Walked off.

There was a motion for adjournment. It was entertained but “not recognized” by the new parliamentarian staff, one of whom has not paid his ethics fines. The other of whom has a very bad haircut. My main objection to people who have lots of hair is that if they have lots of hair, take care of it. Those who have such and do not have it cut well, should hire a political consultant. Keel. What is it about that 80’s look?

Texas, you get what you deserve. When you elect corrupt politicians under a corrupt system of citizen/statesman legislators, people who can run their lives AND hiatus themselves from their lives for a half a year every other year, you absolutely get what you deserve.

Texas, you were saved this early morning by a group of ethical Texans of both Democratic and Republican stripes (agh, I hate to admit that they have ethics also, but there it is).

Texas’ ruling body nearly devolved into a government that was last overseen by something referred to, last time it existed, as a Reichstadt. Governing the 3rd Reich.

We very nearly had this to salute to our lone star flag: “Heil Craddick!”

Saner minds prevailed.


Marsha said...

Continue to tell it like it is and ignore the snoozers who don't care enough to speak out. As for Craddick,he is just a Delay wantabe and remember what happened to Tom Baby. Don't worry about the hair, loss of hair is a sign of intelligence.

Montag said...

This happened in Fascist Italy in 1924, too:

"Within Italy the opposition was divided and the majority hamstrung itself by abandoning the the parliamentary chamber in what, with that frequent Italian fondness for classical parallel, was called the 'Aventine secession' (from the occasion when the plebs had taken refuge from their patrician oppressors on one of the Roman hills). After an initial period certainly of confusion and perhaps of dismay, Mussolini once again proved his bravado as a tactician, riding out the constituional crisis with aplomb."

In fact, since he had the votes in Parliament, he declared a naked dictatorship.