Friday, May 18, 2007

Will Tom Abraham Run As A Democrat in Nick Lampson's Place? People Want To Know!

There is a new posting on FortBendNow that is going to make the headlines in a big way. Nick Lampson is trying to convince Tom Abraham, a Republican on the Sugar Land city council, to run for his seat as a Democrat.

A "little bird" told me about this a couple of days ago.

I kept mum waiting for the story to break. And break it has, in a big way. I can’t even log on to FortBendNow at the moment because the traffic is immense.

Tom Abraham, it will be recalled, is currently on the “outs” with the neocon wingnuts who are trying to run (or shall I say “ruin”) the local Republican party. His position at their Lincoln-Reagan Dinner/fundraiser was given the kibosh, as was David Wallace’s. David seems not too keen on running for Nick’s office with his run-in with Bob Perry’s son. Leaving Republican joke-of-the-year, the Pink One, Shelley Schulla Gibbons.

So it’s looking likely, huh?

One wonders, however, whether Tom Abraham decides to run for congress as a Democrat, using Democratic Party resources, then, upon being elected by a bipartisan crowd, "re-Elephantizes" himself in the style of Nick's good buddy in the RPSEA thing, Ralph Hall (R (formerly D) - Rockwall).

Not beyond the realm of possibilities. Frankly, I don't see the Democratic base in CD 22 buying into this. We don't fall in line like our friends across the aisle.

Should Nick stay and fight it out, or use his momentum to go up against Cornyn? I've weighed it and without any other inputs, I came up with the same answer that Nick has. But without a clue as to who will be the Republican nominee - except that it's a sure thing that it will be the wrong person for the job - I think this gamble is premature.


Susan said...

I think it boils down to - what's best for Nick or what's best for the people of the 22nd District.

I guess Nick is picking Nick.

We in the 22nd haven't had Congressional representation since Tom dropped out last summer. We could use a Congressman instead of somebody out running for Senate. Additionally, Nick is the only person who can run for the 22nd as an incumbent, with all the power and fund raising ability that entails.

Tammy said...

I heard from a reliable source that he is NOT running for Congress because he realizes that it was a rare opportunity to have been able to win the 1st time under rare circumstances. But those aren't in place this time around so he is now thinking about the Senate seat, however Mary Ruth is also considering Senate, so a meeting is underway between the 2.

muse said...

Mary Ruth is . . . who?

Hal said...

I know. I've been trying to discover who Mary Ruth is all day but have come up with zilch. So, OK, rather than make a behind the scenes inquiry, Tammy, can you please tell us who Mary Ruth is?

I really don't know.