Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Houston City Council Candidates: Time to Rally Around Melissa Noriega

So . . . ahhh . . . David: What are you going to do with those votes of yours? You know, the 2,328 votes you got in Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties when you ran for Houston City Council? Those votes that were nearly 6.8% of the total vote?

By the way, David Goldberg got one vote in Montgomery county, giving him second place in that county (Nixon beat him out by one vote).

So, David, how many of those votes can you get over to Melissa Noriega’s campaign? You know, the one that paid over 12 dollars per vote? You could really do your city and your fellow Houstonians a real favor if you endorse Melissa Noriega in the runoff election against the right wing nut job Roy Morales. Morales has been endorsed by the ex-cop, Tom “Loose Cannon” Nixon. If he can deliver all of his votes to Morales, Morales still loses. If all the numbers play like they did on the 12th Morales doesn’t even have 40% with Nixon’s voters’ votes.

All Melissa needs is a few percentage points. Your 6.8% along with Noel Freeman’s, who just came out in support of Melissa’s campaign, puts her over the top.

And the rest of you who have not endorsed any campaign: what about supporting Melissa with an endorsement? You just can’t get past Noel Freeman’s comment that she will be the best one for that office, the one with the most connections to the state. No getting around that, is there?

Come on guys, you know it’s the right thing to do.

Do it soon. Runoff Election Day is in exactly one month, June 16th.

Yes, Juneteenth.

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