Saturday, May 26, 2007

Texas House Chamber Develops an Echo or Why Doesn’t Craddick Just Hand Over The Mike?

We will furthermore direct you . . . “ “we will furthermore direct you . . .”

“The chair made a decision . . ." “the chair made a decision”

“The chair’s power of recognition is absolute . . .” “the chair’s power of recognition is absolute.”

“The chair recognizes Representative Menendez . . .” “The chair recognizes Representative Menendez”

“That is correct . . .” “that is correct.”

It’s positively eerie.

House parliamentarian Denise Davis and assistant parliamentarian Chris Greisel apparently quit their jobs last night over what appears to be Tom Craddick’s lies to Rep. Todd Smith, R-Euless when he pressed Craddick over whether he ignored Parliamentarian Davis over rulings that would preserve his job.

Craddick responded, ''I don't know if she agreed or disagreed with it.''

They knew he was lying because they had run these questions by Davis before bringing them up on the floor of the House. Craddick’s answers and Davis’ answers did not match.

So after Davis resigned, House Speaker Tom Craddick got a replacement, former state rep. Terry Keel, once representing HD-47, but now Tom Craddick’s puppet master. Keel’s voice is loud and it gets picked up by the speaker’s microphone. Several who are watching the livestream have commented on it.

And this morning, Keel the puppet master is pulling Sylvester Turner’s strings. Turner is quite unused to it and works not to echo Keel, but in doing so, sometimes has to stop when he is interrupted by his own string puller.

Even Crazy Bob Talton noticed this, voicing his observation when he questioned Turner over whether Turner could hear him.

Turner: “Yes I can hear you, Representative Talton”.
Talton: “That’s good because of the echo that has appeared here.”

Will Craddick survive until Monday? Yes, if the House insurgents can’t find a way around the autocrat’s stone wall. Parliamentary inquiries won’t do it.

Time to think out of the box, Members.

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