Saturday, May 26, 2007

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie on House Revolt Against Craddick


"Throughout three regular legislative sessions, five special sessions, and two election cycles, the Texas Democratic Party has warned Texans about the dangers of abusive one party rule that was put in place in a 2002 election effort marked by the TRMPAC scheme that toppled Tom Delay.

Speaker Craddick's abuse of power has created a crisis that threatens the legislature's ability to address the basic needs of Texas families and communities.
The chaotic breakdown on the floor of the Texas House is the culmination of four years of failed Republican leadership that has repeatedly turned its back on the best interests of Texans in a blind pursuit of power.

This weekend, despite the Republican Party of Texas' continued support for a Speaker who has embarrassed and shamed the House he was elected to govern, House Members from both political parties are attempting to replace a leader who has pursued partisan power and catered to special interests at the expense of the people of Texas.

We pray that Members of the Texas House are able to restore integrity and fair, bipartisan leadership to the Texas House."

What Republicans are saying about the Craddick failure and abuse of power
“I knew we had a speaker, I didn’t know we had a dictator.”…Rep Charlie Geren (R-Fort Worth) – Fort Worth Star Telegram

"It is clearly an abuse of power and an abuse of office."…Rep. Todd Smith (R-Euless)
– Fort Worth Star Telegram
My take:
There is another way to take this, I think. Chairman Richie is correct that the Texas Legislature is in such a bad way that open warfare has come to the house floor between Pro- and Anti-Craddick Republicans. What I have started to wonder about, since Friday is whether this whole thing has been staged to avoid finishing the business of having a budget to work with for the next two years, forcing the legislature into special session.
A special session where Craddick will be shown the door.

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