Monday, May 28, 2007

Craddick's Press Secretary Guilty of Opprobrium

Today Texas House Speaker Craddick was asked a very pointed question by State Rep. Jim Dunnam. He asked the speaker whether he was aware that there were rules of conduct for posting news releases on the House website, and that a news release had been posted the day previously that was very derogatory of some House Members.

Craddick confessed that he had no knowledge of rules of good behavior that were to be followed in posting news releases.

Dunnam was rather miffed that this news release was posted, and asked that it be removed.

Craddick said that he would “look into it”.

That’s pretty funny. “Look into it”. It was Craddick’s own Press Secretary that wrote and posted the news release. It’s gone now, but I made sure that it would be preserved for the life of this blog.

Here is the release by Alexis DeLee, Tom Craddick’s Press Secretary:

For Immediate Release

Sunday, May 27, 2007

(AUSTIN) - Alexis DeLee issued the following statement regarding the events that took place in the House:

"Once again, some members chose to divert the House away from important matters and instead tried to drag the members into a Speaker's race while we are in session. Speaker Craddick made a promise to the members of the House that he would make sure their bills would be heard so their constituents concerns would be met. This evening a number of bills were put into jeopardy - bills that would protect our water, fund our parks and historical sites, lower electric rates, enhance air quality, and require steroid testing in our public schools. It is his intention to take up and consider these and other pieces of legislation before the session ends tomorrow at midnight."

CONTACTAlexis DeLee at 512-633-2620


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen much written up on the Craddick Press Release blunder.

What I find most interesting-- unless things are different in the Speakers office--member's staff do not post Press Releases onto the house web site, or on the members personal web sites, specifcally so that non approved press releases do not get released, and we do not face the problem that Craddick faced in this instance. (For releases to be approved they can't even use the words Democrat or Republican).

Press releases must be sent to the office of House Communications (I think that's what they call it) for approval and posting. Those folks are sticklers and go through releases with a fine toothed comb. They have no problem sending it back to you two or three times if it isnt perfect to them.

I wonder if Craddick's office and to force it through or if the House Communications always lets his bullshit slide, and this is the first time anyone caught it?

In case I am wrong on the name of the office, -- it is the same folks that film the how a bill becomes a law for members to send back to their districts, make sure the the live feeds on the house floor, in the press room and committee rooms are on for the web site TV, etc.

Hal said...

You can spin it two ways:

1. Craddick throws his weight around so much that no one wants to make objections when he does this.

2. Someone in the House Communications office posted it as is so they could tell Dunnam about it, and the rules for posting, and let Dunnam send a zinger to Craddick.

I like the 2nd one, but it is probably the first that's true.