Friday, October 24, 2008

Amuriken Idiocrasy

One of my favorite movies, a movie that did nothing at the box office, but cuts very deep with the notion that there exists a slow but steady decline of American culture and intelligence in our society, is the movie Idiocracy.

You just need to rent the video or see it on cable. It will never be shown on public TV air waves.

It is as we say in the trades, not school appropriate.

What is the point of this posting, then? Well it’s because of a curious convergence of events. As you may know, I am in the process of assembling an Election Night celebratory music CD, and Susan has been asking her readers to leave comments giving suggestions what we should include. I think she is concerned that my tastes run to the ancients, and in that she will not be completely wrong. Today someone left a comment at the Fort Bend Democrats website that maybe we should include Green Day’s American Idiot.

Now to my credit, and maybe to Susan’s surprise, I do know of the group Green Day [and know the origin of their group’s name]. But sadly Green Day’s uncensored version of American Idiot is, again, not school appropriate.

After making that decision I opened an email from Dave, and was directed to look at a YouTube video that an Obama supporter made of fanatical McCain adherents. I think I saw another part of this clip earlier this week where the videographer interviewed these people to get them to say some really dim-witted things.

And then I put it together. The American Idiot that Green Day was referring to was embodied in that crowd of McCain Maniacs.

See for yourself.

American Idiot (maybe some of you with small children need to lower your PC speaker volume, or better yet, go to the headphones).

And the here are the racist maniacs hurling their invectives at Obama supporters as they were going in to an Obama rally in Johnstown, Pa.

I think what really stunned me about this is that these people must actually think this is appropriate public behavior. Sure it looked like some of them might be uncomfortable saying these things to a video camera [and some were not at all] I think that they might have been more concerned about the fact that society might frown on their behavior, but clearly they were not ashamed at all.

This is also sort of what you notice in the movie Idiocracy.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing says "Hell yeah, democracy" like "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor, or "Real American" by Rick Derringer (this was also Hulk Hogan's theme song in the 1980s).

Both of which are school appropriate, I might add.