Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Olson Alibi: A Bucket So Full of Holes It Won’t Hold Water

I’ve mentioned this before in a previous posting. The Lone Star Project charged that Republican candidate for Congress in CD 22, Nick Lampson’s seat, none other than Peter G. Olson, has violated Virginia law in having voted in another state, Connecticut specifically, while a registered voter in Virginia.

It’s a felony offense.

Well today FortBendNow, which is watching this thing closely, took statements from the Olson campaign, statements on the lawsuit filed in Virginia. The lawsuit filed by the Lone Star Project.

From FortBendNow:

“In response to the complaint, Olson issued a statement through campaign spokesperson Amy Goldstein early Wednesday afternoon, saying that on the day of the Connecticut election, he was traveling between Washington and Texas. The campaign also provided a U.S. Senate travel voucher for Aug. 12-15, 2003 to document the trip.”

Oh well. Case closed, right? How could Pete Olson have cast a ballot in Newtown, Connecticut, where his parents live, when he was nowhere near Connecticut on the day of the special election?

Holy H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks they sure took care of that problem handily.

And then slam. Olson campaign spokesman Amy Goldstein said:

“… while a Peter G. Olson may have voted in the August, 2003 special election in Newtown, it was not candidate Olson.”

Well, obviously. The Peter G. Olson that cast the Connecticut ballot can’t be the candidate because the candidate was on a plane to Texas that day.

Or so he said. That day.
One reason Matt Angle, who filed the criminal complaint in Virginia, grew to suspect voter fraud was Pete Olson's multiple explanations. Said Angle:
“Rather than giving a straightforward answer, he had two or three different answers.”
At first, Olson spokeswoman Amy Goldstein told reporters that Olson was in Washington that day working all day. Then another story emerged: why would Olson drive to Connecticut and back in one day to vote when his son has just been born 4 months before? Then the story that they finally settled on. Olson was on a plane to Texas that day (the plane departed at 7:30 PM).

With alibis like that, who needs enemies?

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