Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Voter Information Free and Easy

The Fort Bend Democrats website has been revved up and is now running like a well-oiled machine. They are now your one-stop place to shop for voter information, and it’s all free because that is what the Fort Bend Democrats do: help the voters go and vote.

They have links to every Democratic candidate’s website that they know about and is relevant to Fort Bend County, Texas state-wide, and Obama/Biden. That’s right here and you scroll down looking at the right-hand sidebar.

They have Fort Bend Early Voting Locations. Fort Bend County has expanded its early voting locations to 20 sites, and has purchased 444 additional Hart Intercivic voter machines. And if you need to find out where these locations are, you click on each location name and you have a screen of days and hours the site is open, and a link to a Google map to the place.

They have information on how to cast a straight Democratic ticket, in case you’ve decided to start doing that, but are unsure how to.

And finally, if you just couldn’t make it to any of the 20 early voting locations, they have a comprehensive list of where you vote in Fort Bend County on Election Day.

See? They've done everything for you, but it’s up to you to get your . . . self down and cast your ballot.

I have, and the view from here is fantastic.

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