Sunday, October 05, 2008

General Wes Clark Speaks At the Johnson-Rayburn-Richards Dinner

How I got to go to the annual Johnson-Rayburn-Richards dinner in Houston last night is a rather complicated story. Let’s just say that I know a couple who are lifelong Democrats, and they were invited by Leslie Taylor to sit at her table at the dinner, but my good friend Susan just wanted a night to relax and do some laundry. So I went with her “Bubba.” Because Bubba broke his wrist planting Obama/Biden 4 x 4s all over Fort Bend County, I figured I would have to cut his food up, but Bubba managed just fine.

I did, too. Especially when I learned that not only did Leslie Taylor have a VIP table, enabling us to mingle in the VIP room with an open bar, but also that her table was right down in front. I decided to video General Clark’s speech, well as much of his speech as my 5 gig flash drive would store, anyway, and had a great seat to do just that.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when I found that I had captured all 30 minutes of General Clark’s speech. And I was dumbfounded when I discovered that there was 1.6 gigabytes of space remaining. So had I known, I could have also videoed Chris Bell as he read Sarah Palin’s letter to General Clark.

Anyhoo . . .

YouTube has a time/size limit so I broke up the speech into 4 parts, each of which has its own theme.

Here is Part 1 – I call it “Eight Years and Four Crises.”

Here is Part 2 – Let’s call this one “New Ideas in 2008.”

Part 3 I like to call “Their Ideas Don’t Work”

And finally, Wes Clark concluded with an exhortation to his audience to be ambassadors of new ideas to those around them, friends, relatives, work mates. People don’t make decisions by watching the news, says General Clark. They make decisions by talking to other people. For this reason Wesley Clark called for his audience to “Go Hug a Republican.”

Now I have to ask this question. Do you think Barack Obama will have a place for General Clark in his administration? That has got to be a big affirmative, hasn’t it?


Beefstick Diplomat said...

Thanks for posting these videos. Gen. Clark rocks!

"Do you think Barack Obama will have a place for General Clark in his administration?"
Nope. Gen. Clark was tossed under the bus some time ago.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the only place Obama has for General Clark is under the bus

Anonymous said...

What's the story about a Sarah Palin letter to the General?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Hal for sharing General Wesley Clark with us.