Friday, October 10, 2008

John Cornyn Wants Change . . . Or Maybe Not

So I guess I was one of a few politics junkies that actually tuned in to the Senatorial debate last night. This race is really flying under the radar, and only pops up occasionally when you see a TV advertisement.

I am still meeting people who don’t know who John Cornyn is, let alone Rick Noriega. When I run into the odd one who knows who Cornyn is, typically they are glad to hear that he has an opponent.

But, these people will vote for a refrigerator if it is running against John Cornyn.

So if the debate last night was meant as a means to attract the attention of the voters, it fell flat on its face. Only we junkies tuned in, you see.

So if that is what the debate was meant to accomplish, and it didn’t, what DID the debate accomplish?

Well for one thing we all got to see John Cornyn speak out of both of his mouths simultaneously.

Only people who have two faces can do that, and John Cornyn definitely has two of them.

Illustration? Let’s take the example of John Cornyn’s laughable television ad. You’ve seen it. It is a video of John Cornyn taking a walk in the country with a herd of cows. Now you can tell that he doesn’t do that very often, he is a city boy through and through. And really, so am I. But I have spent enough time out in the field, on ranches, to know this: when you walk with a herd of cattle you must look down every once in awhile.

Look down to avoid stepping in a cow pie.

But no, John Cornyn kept his gaze firmly fixed on the far horizon in this video. So my guess is that when he was done with videotaping for the day he got one of his staffers to clean his boots.

So here we have a video of John Cornyn not looking down as he walks through a herd of cattle. And we also have the voiceover claiming that he is sick of how things have gotten in Washington and how he wrote a bill to change the way things are done. Yes, that’s right, John Cornyn has picked up the Change mantra of his party leader. The mantra that John McCain lifted from the Democratic campaign.

John Cornyn, agent for change.

That’s what he is saying out of one of his two mouths. Out of the other mouth? Now this is unbelievable. Out of the other mouth, John Cornyn said in the senatorial debate last night that “I am for the status quo.”

Let me repeat that. John Cornyn said “I am for the status quo.”

How, I must ask, can one be an agent for change when they are “for the status quo?” Now that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Another way to express “pro Change” is to say “Anti-status quo”

So is John Cornyn just two-faced or is it that he was for “Change” before he was against it?

Oh, and by the way, contrast Cornyn's "Cows" TV ad with Rick Noriega's. Compared to Rick's ad, one that is full of information and substance, Cornyn's ad looks like something he just stepped in.

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