Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Day At the Headquarters

After watching my usual Sunday morning news programs, all the while assembling my brand spanking new Swiffer™ floor mop, I decided that before I went in to the headquarters to work for the forces of good, I would try out my Swiffer™. This thing is amazing. You can drive it into tiny nooks and pick up dust. So if you are thinking about buying one of those things, be assured that you will not be disappointed. Swiffers rock.

For a $20 mop, it had better.

Then I went in to the Rosenberg headquarters for the rest of the day.

There’s always a lot to do. We are gearing up for Get Out The Vote and so I thought we needed big charts of Early Voting locations for our phone bank, as well as little ones to post on our glass walls facing out. While doing that I noticed on the Fort Bend County Elections website that they moved another polling location.

Precinct 2123.

We looked it up, and Precinct 2123 has 746 Democratic voters in it. This is among the highest concentrations of Democrats in Fort Bend County.

This is why you need to have political diversity in county government. Otherwise what you get is systemic voter suppression.

So next on the list of things to do: cobble up a short informative note to these voters and print out mail labels for the post cards that we will be sending to 540 mailboxes.

Then Geri and Bev came in carrying a McCain/Palin yard sign and we all wondered what that was all about. It seems someone had snatched Geri’s Obama/Biden yard sign and slipped the McCain sign on the stake in its place. Well, I thought, at least now I have one of those signs to try out an idea of mine. You color in the L in Palin with a dark blue marking pen, instantly giving you what we will all experience if the unthinkable occurs: “McCain Pain”

Volunteers came in, students from a Sugar Land high school, and we set them to attaching labels to our door hangers, and then making yard signs. It is refreshing to see someone younger than 50 years old working with us for positive change.

Buyers of campaign paraphernalia streamed in and out all afternoon. We sold some yard signs to a couple from The Heights in Houston. They said that there was nothing like our place in Houston. Another couple from a more local area came in and bought yard signs and left a hefty donation. This was matched by a donation from a couple that came in to the headquarters the day before, making their donation today via Paypal. Michelle and her husband their toddler child came in and became entranced with our life-size freestanding photo cutout of Barack Obama and rued the fact that she had left her camera at home. I didn’t and snapped a photo of her standing next to Barack holding her daughter. I sent it off to her via email not 2 minutes ago.

It’s different every day and it is never boring working for Barack Obama and all Democrats on the ticket.

And you sometimes get to holler at some rabid, spittle spewing examples of the brand of Republicans we have here in Fort Bend County. Republican voters are getting madder than usual. And wouldn’t you be?

They sense impending calamity.

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