Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Republican Thugs Throw Brick Through Democratic Headquarters Window

I’ve been pretty quiet about this because I have been stewing about it for a couple of days now (and Pete Olson keeps giving me side splitting guffaws). But now I just want to show you what our noble opposition is capable of.

Pure thuggery.

I got a call from Marsha on Sunday morning informing me that someone had thrown a brick through one of the windows of the Rosenberg Democratic Headquarters. She asked me to bring a camera and take photographs.

Upon arriving I found that not only had that scurrilous act occurred, but that they had rummaged through and stolen $80 in cash. Two weeks prior, they stole cash and a very valuable laptop PC upon which we had our PAC’s membership list as well as voter data.

Not only don’t these people believe in playing fair, they believe that felonious offenses are copasetic as long as they are against Democrats.

The crime was reported to the Rosenberg PD and they took a report and moved off. The crime was then reported to the media and they descended. It can all be seen here (warning you have to sit through an ad).

That TV station's video was taken after we had cleaned up the glass, installed some plywood 4xs8’s to cover the hole, and then hid the plywood by covering them with campaign signs (the Morrison and Siegel signs that you see in their video).

Here are photographs of the crime scene as it appeared when the headquarters was opened on Sunday morning.

Here is the brick.

Outside, you can see the thick glass spread everywhere.

And the iron bar that was used to clear out the glass after the brick was thrown.

And here is the crime scene after the glass was cleared, the empty glass frame covered with plywood, and the plywood optimized with properly sized campaign signs.

The KTRK story focused on signs being stolen, both Democratic and Republican signs. Implying again, that this matter is a push: both parties are guilty.

Republicans, however, have clearly gone beyond the pale and exacted real property damage on a building. Property damage to the tune of $800 in glass replacement.

My humble suggestion to the Republican Party of Fort Bend County is that they should display proper disdain for this hate crime by one or more of their number, and pass the hat around to compensate the Fort Bend Democrats’ loss.

If they are really sorry that this happened, they’ll do it, don’t you think? They’re sorry that this happened, don’t you think?

No, I don’t either.

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