Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Violence Against Women –Chelsie Wilson Speaks Out

I have to tell you about a member of the Fort Bend Democrats that I know and respect. Her name is Chelsie Wilson. She is a single mother, mother of a delightful boy that she calls, and as a result we all call DJ, and she had a dirty little secret. She was a battered wife.

Her husband eventually tried to close the deal on her by trying to murder her by assaulting her with a bullet that he directed to her head. Chelsie survived. She lived to tell the tale and her ex is now behind bars, courtesy of Joe Biden’s federal Violence Against Women bill. A bill that John McCain voted against.

Chelsie tells a poignant tale that you can all see here by clicking on the You Tube frame below.

If you are not moved by this video, then maybe you have voted, or will soon vote for John “McNasty” McCain and Sarah “Clueless” Palin.

You people who continue to steal my yard signs. Yes I am on my third Obama/Biden yard sign. I no longer choose to display it at night when McCain’s thieves are outdoors committing petty theft.

I know Chelsie and consider her, as you can all see, a young brilliant, compelling woman who has her entire life ahead of her (or at least, at her own admission, 25 years of it).

I also know the woman who appears in the background in the video from time to time, sorting and folding Obama T-shirts. Her name is Marsha. She made the news when she herself was beaten by a 54 year old man (15 years her junior) at a Nick Lampson rally in 2006. She also survived, but the Fort Bend County Grand Jury could find no fault in the assault. And no wonder, since the former foreman of the grand jury was the one charged with the offense.

Joe Biden’s law, the law of the land, worked for Chelsie. It didn’t work for Marsha.

Apparently, here in Fort Bend County at least, women have to get shot in the head in order for the courts to listen to them.

Peace, Chelsie.

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