Saturday, October 04, 2008

Obama Supporter: A Pariah in His Own Neighborhood

I was at the Fort Bend Democrats’ Rosenberg headquarters yesterday evening. While I was trying to watch Keith Olberman on the big screen TV, Marsha shoved a piece of yellow lined notebook paper under my nose.

I assumed from that, that she wanted me to read it.

So I read it.

It was a statement from a guy who lives in my development. A guy who witnessed two men stealing his two Obama yard signs from his front lawn and driving off with them.

Here, I’ll just let you read the statement. I edited out some of the locations:

“I work from my home and saw two men up in my driveway and steal my Obama signs. 2 of them that were in my front yard. I jumped in my car and caught up with them and demanded my signs back. The two men gave my signs back and I noticed that they had a car full of Barack Obama signs. They must have stolen all of them in the neighborhood. As the guys gave me the signs a lady saw what was happening and cussed me, even after I told her what was going on. She saw my signs and she said “Those signs are worthless anyway. I’m glad they took them.” Then another man walked up to me and cussed me out as well. I could not believe it. I tried to explain to him what happened and he called me a “hippie.” With the encounters with my neighbors, I was unable to get the license plate number of the car, but I recognized the gentleman. 1 works at Quizno’s on [location deleted] and the other at Randall’s in [my development]. It is not easy being a Democrat in [my development].

Well that solved one mystery. The mystery of where my white "Obama '08" sign went off to. I've had it since February, but it was stolen last week. I immediately replaced it with one of those brand new Obama/Biden signs. I noted this morning that it's still there along with my "Had Enough? Vote Democratic for a change . . ." sign. The one that suffered a "lay down" earlier this week.
And yes, that's Hurricane Ike debris. Still not picked up by the trash hauling service that I pay for.

Marsha later told me that the guy went to the Randall’s store and confronted the sign stealing employee in front of the store’s manager. He claimed to be asleep at the time of the theft. Apparently he then went to file a complaint at the county sheriff’s office.

Can you imagine how the sheriff’s office will react to an eye-witness account of petty thievery of Democratic yard signs? Personal knowledge of the thieves’ identities?

Yeah, I agree. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the dragnet.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Obama Supporter!!!

aimai said...

Cheer up, though! You've done a lot just by confronting the guy. People who support Obama are going to do it anyway, and these guys who took your sign? They probably don't vote at all. The muscle hardly ever does. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Put up new homemade signs saying "Obama/Biden! So popular they stole my official sign" and lean back and enjoy yourself.

hugs to you for all you are doing


aimai said...

Hm, did haloscan eat my post? If its still not there later today I'll repost. I linked to your site over at IF I Ran the Zoo but the internet seems a little sleepy this morning. Keep up the struggle.


Hal said...

No post eating here, just moderation in all things.

isabelita said...

What about putting a sign in your window instead? Course that might tempt them to break the window...
Geeze. Moral support to ya down there, from up in Seattle, Wa. We have GOPers here, too, but at least we outnumber them in the city.