Sunday, October 26, 2008

They’re Stealing Our Signs

Early voting continued strong over this weekend. Up to this Saturday 71,471 voters have cast their votes, with Saturday being the biggest day of the week (naturally). However there were reports of a line of 100 people coming out of the Hightower High School polling place at 12:20 PM today. This, I am told represents “Power Sunday,” when parishioners are exhorted to get themselves to the polls after services are over.

I also heard a report by Mark Campos, a local political consultant, that 2/3rds of early voters in Harris County voted in the Democratic Primary in March. So things are looking up.

And up.

And the Fort Bend Democrats have been making sure that the Obama/Biden flag is flying at all early vote locations. We have our yard signs at all 20 locations and some 4x4 Obama/Biden signs at some of them

But the Republicans in this county are a bunch of dirty, low, sneak thieves at night. Over night, the signs disappear. I am sure that they think Jesus would approve. I am on my third yard sign at my house, and am holding one in reserve.

We called the Rosenberg PD and tried to file a complaint. The man listened quietly and then came up with this little gem: “we have reports that McCain signs are also being stolen.”

Meaning . . . what?

Meaning that if a girl calls the police claiming that she had been raped by a man, the police may respond by saying that there are also reports of men being raped by women?

And that makes it all OK?

This is the nature of living here in politically incestuous Fort Bend County.

The signs were replaced, but once again, over night, they were stolen. We filed another complaint; this time with the County Sheriff’s Department and got a little better reaction from the sheriff’s deputy that responded.

Coming home today from the headquarters where Get Out The Vote activities are in full gear, I passed a cluster of signs along FM 359 next to a great Mexican restaurant called La Cocina. I noticed something out of the ordinary so I turned around and stopped.

Here is the sign cluster. Looks pretty normal, but you have to look closely. Look over to the left next to the Obama/Biden sign.

Yep, that’s called a “lay down.”

It seems that Pete Olson’s drones are out and about laying down Nick Lampson’s signs. It seems that being investigated for voter fraud in Virginia hasn’t tempered the feelings of Olson’s supporters. Olson’s people are showing their true colors by imitating their leader by being ethically challenged also.

The term “Ethical Republicans,”in this county anyway, is an oxymoron.

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David said...

I just had my 2nd Obama sign stolen from my front yard. The Richmond police dropped by and took a report - the Texas drivers license number that I wrote on the sign will enable the officers to match the sign to the police report if/when it is recovered.

Now I'm off to the Fort Bend Democrats Headquarters in Rosenberg to buy TWO Obama signs to replace the one stolen!