Monday, October 13, 2008

A Perfect Storm

That was the title of a movie made not long ago. It chronicled the fate of a fishing boat that sailed to the Grand Banks one fateful day as the waves and violence generated by three separate storms at sea converged on just that one place on Earth.

The boat sank with all hands.

And now we have another perfect storm forming over the McCain campaign. It could not be better scripted had it come out of the think tank that is the Obama campaign.

John McCain selects a vice presidential candidate that wows a hungry right wing audience willing to drink any Kool-Aid that is distributed at their national convention. Never mind that Governor Palin is woefully under-qualified for the office. Never mind that she was branded last Friday as “unethical” by a bipartisan Alaska legislature committee that was assigned to look into the allegations that are now known as “Troopergate.” Never mind that she flopped answering the simple questions of Katie Couric (a media personality that is not known for her ambushes).

John McCain’s campaign has set out on a mission to defame Barack Obama as an associate of a man who was once a member of the Weather Underground, One who planted bombs in a war against another unpopular war. And in that endeavor, McCain reaped the reward of having followers who treasonously called for the murder of Barack Obama.

An outcome where McCain found himself in the impossible position of defending his political opponent.

And now, most recently we find that key rightist elements of McCain’s own party are calling for a dismissal of McCain’s entire campaign staff, as well as the discovery of actions (or is it inactions?) of the Republican governor of a key “swing state,” Florida by name, who decided that his personal appearance at Florida’s Disney World today was far more important than his appearance at a McCain rally in his own state.

Guys, I couldn’t have scripted this better than as a campaign in a tailspin.

This campaign has gone from the race that will be the Democrats’ to lose, to the race that the Republicans are throwing against the wall, hoping for some of it to stick.

Let me clue them in. Imploded campaigns and raw uncooked spaghetti do not stick to anything.

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