Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where to Wear Your Colors: A Generational Dispute

At the Needville Harvest Festival last weekend I took notice of what appears to be a generational dispute over how you wear your gang’s colors.

This is Cliff Vacek. He is seated on the right next to Greg Ordineaux (Ordineaux’s opponent in the upcoming election, Richard Morrison, can be seen between the two – he was sitting at the next table) Vacek was having some food at the harvest festival’s beef tasting event. Cliff Vacek sits on the bench at the 400th district court, and is being opposed by Democrat Milton Flick (not to be found on stage or anywhere for that matter).

And Cliff Vacek has a red handkerchief tied around his neck, like a boy scout. If you look closely you can see his name printed on the handkerchief. This, apparently, is Cliff Vacek’s campaign paraphernalia.

A red handkerchief.

Now maybe I need to point out that the wearing of a red handkerchief, among the younger ones of us that is, is a symbol. A symbol of which criminal gang you belong to. Vacek is as old as dirt so maybe he doesn’t know that, but as a district judge you would think that he might.

Vacek’s red handkerchief proclaims to the world that he is a member of The Bloods.

Except that he doesn’t know how to wear it. He wears it like a boy scout, or maybe a cowboy.

Others at the fair, however, younger others, know exactly how to wear gang colors. Proudly and in full view. Hanging down your leg from the back pocket of your jeans.

They look cool in their Cliff Vacek gang colors, don’t they?

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