Friday, July 24, 2009

Gee, Day Two of Cambridgegate. What a Surprise

I just watched a news conference where one square-headed white man after another got up in front of the cameras and denounced Barack Obama for denouncing that race profiling Cambridge Massachusetts police sergeant.

First, I need to correct their grammar.

President Obama did not say, as all these white men claim, that the Cambridge policeman was “stupid.” That is an adjective. An adjective describes a noun. As in stupid Sergeant Crowley.

President Obama said that Sergeant Crowley “acted stupidly.” That is an adverb. An adverb describes a verb. There is a fine distinction. You can act as a stupid person without yourself being stupid.

Next I have to wonder just how many Republicans have flooded into Cambridge of late. Cambridge is, with the exception of their police force, apparently, a fairly liberal town. Sergeant Crowley is an exception to that, however, as he himself admitted that he did not vote for Obama. But now it appears that Republicans are set to milk this one for all it is worth. Anything to take the attention away from the thing that is vital to all Americans. The thing that we have been trying to achieve since 1948. Health care reform.

But no. Instead we are going to emphasize the differences that we have in our regard to police authority because it suits the racist horde that is still out there. Instead we are going to mistake an adverb for an adjective.

Instead we are going to keep our attention on trivium.


Anonymous said...

But of course, is there any other way for the the Party of No?

Anonymous said...

Let's recap where we stand right now.

Six months into President Obama's administration let's recap what is dominating the news:
* Crazies that think he is not a US citizen
* Talk about an arrest made by some university's police departmet
* The fact that Michael Jackson's prosthetic nose is missing

Makes one wonder what President Obama is lacking to gain any traction on his centerpiece legislative item (healthcare). Where's his team that guided him through the campaign and carefully scripted the messages. They lost out to birth certificates, university police arrests and prosthetic noses. Wow.

Instead of pushing what their agenda they lost control and are responding to whatever the news media thinks will make sensational news.

Check Susan's blog as an example. Nothing constructive intended to further President Obama's agenda. Nothing but reiterating the words and actions of the crazies (Palin, Limbaugh, Fort Bend law enforcement, etc.).

Anonymous said...

"Square headed"..."nappy headed"...

Why can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

So now Presdent Obama is backtracking on the words he used.

I wonder why this will not go away.

Where's your teleprompter when you need it?

Anonymous said...

No, indeed, President Obama is not backtracking or apologizing. In the use of the word, calibrated, President Obama is simply stating that he should have measured his wording more accurately so as to not give reason for anyone to try to skew the intent of his words to be what they were not. President Obama is using good, professional logic by diffusing the situation so it "will go away or become minimized" and he can get back to the HealthCare Bill
It is just like a parent or an older, more mature individual has to do sometimes by standing up taking responsibility and/or blame to end a confusion or problem whether real or perceived, if necessary, so everyone can move beyond the false pride not wanting to own up to being in the wrong or whatever it is that needs to be moved past at the moment that is standing in the way of forgiveness and healing and turning the page to refocus on a focal issue or situation, like, for instance, HealthCare.

The Cambridge Police Department and the Police Union are coming on strong because they want to save face. I am not impressed by the Black Policemen's defense of the arrest either; they are going along to get along.

The case is what it is and the police record attest to those facts of the case. Please note: if indeed the arrest was legal, the charges would not have been dropped.

Anonymous said...

I think Anonymous is crazy. All of them.

Susan said...

I could be wrong about this because I'm not as good at reading Susan's mind as one of the Anonymi is, but I suspect - and this is just a guess - that Susan's nonblog was never intended to push an agenda. I suspect - and please correct me if I am wrong - that Susan's voice is to poke fun at those pompous twits she disagrees with.

Hal said...

Including yourself, Anonymous?

Patriot Missive said...

We have a man as president of the United States who (for the first time ever) is the son of two Ph.D parents. He is not stupid, nor does he act stupidly. It will take us all some time to adjust to intelligence and real love of country.